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Raf Simons debut collection from Calvin Klein was unveiled his first collection for Calvin Klein in February 2017.  The much anticipated collection had a packed front row which included amongst others:  Gwyneth Paltrow, Julianne Moore, A$AP Rocky, Naomie Harris, and the young stars of Moonlight. Millie Bobby Brown, a new face of Calvin, also sat front row.

I think Vogue captures it beautifully:

With outsiders’ perspectives, Simons and Mulier riffed on Americanisms, including brightly colored band uniforms, Wall Street suits, sheriff’s jackets, quilting on some terrific men’s parkas–make those for women, too, please!–and metal-tipped cowboy boots. They devoted a fair bit of attention to the great American plastic couch cover, slipping transparent plastic over everything from plaid tailoring to a sensational yellow-gold fur coat and feathered cocktail numbers. Strange. But it’s such a weird idea, it just may catch on. Calvinisms got their attention, too. Male and female models wore varsity sweaters with sheer torsos in a technical knit that looked lifted from the world of shapewear, a tricky look for both genders. Brooke Shields’s famous silhouette was stamped on the leather label on the back waistband of jeans.

You can read the full article here.

Above:  Some photographs of the Calvin Klein Fall 2017 Ready to Wear Collection.

Now the exciting news is that you can buy your favorite item from SSense:


Get yours here.

As promised that was Runway to Realway!



All you need to know about Cardigans…

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No capsule closet would be complete without a cardigan.  This garment is named after James Brudenell, 7th Eat of Cardigan, a British Army Major General who lead the Charge of the Light Brigade during the Crimean War.  The word “cardigan” is a variation from the Welsh Ceredigion.  Legend has it that fame achieved by Lord Cardigan let to its ascent to popularity.

The modern day Cardigan owes quite a significant credit to Coco Chanel who detested the manner in which tight-necked sweaters ruined hair when pulled on that she opted to wear the Cardigan.

Modern day Cardigans come in a plethora of styles, colors and patterns.  Some are made from luxurious cashmere.  They can be machine or hand knitted.  Generally worn during the cooler months they can be dressed up or for leisure time dressing.

As these photo’s clearly illustrate even the British Royal Family are often seen with a cardigan on.  Famous feminine faces such as Reese Witherspoon, Zoe Saldanha and Amal Clooney often wear them.  Even Justin Bieber wears them so there is no doubt just how popular a cardigan is.  PS – My favorite is Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding cardigan – so stylish.

The only question is which one would you choose:

As you can see from the above there are so many varieties of the modern day Cardigan to fit any form, shape or occasion.  I would strongly suggest going for a plain one if it is to form part of your capsule closet but there are many quirky and stylish additions that you could add to your wardrobe.

My only suggestion is to pay attention to the care label and follow the guide to preserve a beautiful cardigan for years to come.  Hand-wash if suggested or tumble dry as this will give you years and years of happy wearing.  I have a pure wool cardigan that is lovingly hand-washed and is still going strong some 15 years later so it is definitely worth giving your Cardigan some tender loving care.

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9 of the best plain white tee shirts for women

Readers, for those of you who have been following us on the capsule wardrobe journey will know that we have covered a few items already.  Next up is the simplest staple of them all – THE PLAIN WHITE TEE.  This versatile top offers seamless shift from season to season.  It can be paired with a blazer for a more formal look or a more casual look wiht a chunky sweater.

Not any boring plain tee will do so I’ve searched and found some of the best ones out there.  Ahead, a few of my favorites:

Looking for a crew neck or, perhaps, the best bang value for money or the most stylish tee out there look no further than some of these above.  The reason I am so excited to share these choices with you is that all of them will compliment you without a tight fit around the tummy but they aren’t baggy and boxy.

A plain white tee is a staple amongst many celebrities and the likes of Victoria Beckham, Miranda Kerr, Khloe Kardashian, Rosie Huntington and Kendal Jenner.  Look no further than these photos for some style inspiration from these fashionable folks.

Stay tuned more coming soon.


Lets recap how many items we have selected for our Capsule Wardrobe so far…

So friends in case you have missed it, we are putting together a capsule wardrobe.  Most people – myself included – have too many items in the closet.  Items which don’t fit as well as they once did and should be given a new home or items which you are not able to part with for fear that your life will no longer have any meaning.

charisse-kenion-229492 (1)

So these are the items we have covered to date:


Watch this space for more to follow…


In the bag – What tote to buy now…

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The next must have wardrobe item is a work tote or everyday hold all.  The word tote means carry.  Boy do I carry everything but the kitchen sink with me!  Traditional totes have two handles but given the enormous array of merchandise on offer this is just a descriptive.

The deciding factor here has to be ease of getting to the contents of the bag quickly -without wanting to hurl the bag down onto the pavement due to any abyss like behavior being exhibited by not finding keys etc.

A bag showing abyss like tendencies generally remains in the dark recesses of the closet.

Take a read at the stir caused when Balengiaca showed off a bag which resembled an IKEA blue bag Read here.

Here are some suggestions:

Tory Burch Robinson Leather Tote

Up next Louis Vuitton

Followed by This Prada beauty

Then I saved the best for last purely cause I think it’s genius – a tote with a built in I Phone Charger! The truth is that such a bag exists- friends I wouldn’t lie to you! Kate Spade has developed one! Oh my ordering one today!

Grab this brilliant bag  Here 

It is called The Everpurse X Kate Spade I-Phone charging Tote!

This is genius – no more having to leave your phone charging at the office, in the car or with someone else! Put it in your bag – simple and significant!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as I did and discovering that a stylish bag that can charge your I-phone at the same time! Well needless to say I’m chuffed!



Pump up the Jam…what ballet flats to own

Howdy friends,

Next up is a ballet pump shoe which is an essential part of any modern day women’s wardrobe.  Especially if – like me – you run around all day and find that doing so in high heels was something you foolishly did in your 20’s – and without giving too much away lets just say it was a while ago.

The modern day pump was referred to as “pompes” in the 1500’s when strapless shoes without heels were worn by men.  Back then these were mostly worn by servants because they lacked the fuss and the funds to have fancy buttons and laces reminiscent of that time.

Thankfully since then it has become a women’s shoe and is adoringly associated with style and glamour.  Sensible sophistication of a pump has been adored by the rich and famous and include amongst other Jacqueline Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Alexa Chung to name a few.

Modern day pumps have big-name designers such as Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin crafting  modern twists on this staple shoe in a variety of fabrics and adorned with various items ranging from bows to diamonds to embroidery.

Here are some that are brilliant for your capsule wardrobe:

Above: Tony Burch Minnie Travel Flat with Pearlized Logo

Kate Spade New York Willa Ballet Flats


Kate Spade Flats

Above: Sam Edelman Women Finley Ballet Flats

Above:  Michael Kors Melody Quilted Ballet Flats

Above:  Ralph Lauren Betsy Ballet Flats

 Above:  J Renee Edie Flats

A comfy pair of pumps will be one of the best investments in your wardrobe as it can get you through the day and easily take you in to the evening.  With so much choice out there which will you decide on?

Coming soon – the next instalment of the Capsule Wardrobe.



Stop the press…Keds and Rifle equals a champion sneaker

Hello friends,

Shut the front door – I am so thrilled to spread this exciting and fabulous news.  One of my favorite stationery companies, Rifle Paper Company (Read my post Hot off the press…) and Keds have collaborated to make the prettiest everyday champion sneaker!  Remember you heard it hear first.

I have ordered this product on the Keds Site so I could get fast shipping and excellent their excellent returns policy.  The price will likely change over time, so click this link to check the current price of your Rifle Keds.

So excited I am grinning like the cat who just got the cream.






What Trench Coat to invest in

Dear Friends,

The next must have item is a classic Trench Coat and for me it has to be in it’s primary and most recognised colour – Khaki.

This raincoat is traditionally made from heavy duty cotton, poplin, leather and a variety of modern day fabrics with technology constantly evolving to improve upon waterproofness and lightness.

It was originally an item of clothing for Army officers (developed prior tot he war but adapted for use in the trenches of the First World War, hence its name) and shows this influence in its styling.

The two luxury British clothing manufacturers each claim to have invented the Trench Coat. Aquascutum lays claim that they developed the coat back in 1850 whilst Thomas Burberry (which would evolve into the world renowned brand Burberry) submitted his design for an Army Officers coat to the United Kingdom War office in 1901.

Visit the Burberry Website for a closer look at this iconic brand:  Burberry

Some photos below of the classic Burberry Trench Coat.






For a closer look at Aquascutum visit their site here.

Some photographs below of an Aquascutum Trench.





Then again not all of us can afford such bespoke Trench Coats, I have found some great classic Trenches at a more palatable price below:
1.  London Fog Trench Coat starting from $ 149.95

Grab yours here.

2.  Vera Wang Double Breasted Trench Coat starting from $ 179.00
Get it today.
3.  Mango Double Breasted Trench Coat starting at $149
Own yours by going here.
4.  Jones New York Double Breasted Trench starting from $ 26 -$ 126
Get yours today.
5.  Calvin Klein Double Breasted Belted Trench starting from $ 145
Buy yours here today.
I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I did putting it together.
A must have piece for your wardrobe this can be worn over a dress or a formal suite. The coat can be complimented with knee length boots or elegant heels.  For some style tips see how these famous faces chose to wear their trenches:

Back soon with more exciting pieces.



Be a trail blazer…Which Black Blazer is worth spending money on

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Lets continue building a strong foundation of timeless pieces that can be paired with the other items in our capsule wardrobe.  So far we have covered the white shirt, blue jeans and black pants.  Next item is a one blazer.

Enter a caption

A blazer is a versatile item which can easily be dressed down with a pair of skinny jeans and heels.  A more formal look is easily achieved when worn over a dress and heels.This staple wardrobe piece comes in various forms, fabrics and styles but I would stick to a classic style which won’t date.

As is evident this piece is a firm favorite of the Duchess of Cambridge:

Stay tuned for more great items to follow.