Romper Round-up

Yippee… A few weeks from now I will be on vacation and I will be sipping cocktails in the sun, swimming, captivated by a book and enjoying some much needed restorative R&R with my favorite people.

I get so excited before a trip that I spend my time thinking about what I am going to pack/ buy before we go.  A girl’s got to look her best.

A must have item I will be packing is a Romper and here is my roundup of stylish rompers:

Nicole Miller Diamond Lace Cut Romper

This Diane von Furstenberg Romper can be dressed up/ down just by changing shoes and accessories:

Diane von Furstenberg Romper with Textured Cap Sleeves
State One Shoulder Floral Romper

BCBGMAXAZRIA Womens Skort Romper

Trina Turk Printed Romper


I hope you have enjoyed my selection of Rompers!  Happy Shopping!

Confessions of a bag lady…

I have to confess I LOVE HANDBAGS!

Be it a tote, clutch, hobo, satchel, saddlebag, purse, shoulder bag or a holdall I wonder in amazement.  It is said that some 5,000 years ago Otzi the Iceman carried a purse.   Young Edwardian girls were taught to embroider – in fact it was considered a skill for marriage and they used their skills to craft magnificently adorned bags.  The emergence of the modern purse, clutch or handbag is said to have taken place during the Industrial Revolution.  Samuel Parkinson ordered a set of travelling cases and trunks in 1841 when he noticed that his wife’s purse was too small and the material not strong enough to withstand the rail travel of the time.  At his instance a set of luggage made out of leather (and not carpet as was the custom at the time) was manufactured.

Today bags are essential everyday gear which hold our daily lives together – can you image the secrets which would be lost without them or the number of cracked cellphone screens?  I don’t think any other garment is as strongly influenced by sociatal changes and technological advancements as the revered handbag.  The modern woman expresses herself through the bag she chooses to carry as a signal to the world around he of her power, status and beauty.

So I confess as a bag lady, here are some of my favorites:


This elegant side saddle bag is pure Lanvin elegance.  Crafted from smooth calfskin leather with a brass strap detail spanning across the centre front and a brass chain shoulder strap enhance the half moon silhouette of this striking piece.



Designed to develop a beautiful suppleness over time, Mulberry’s ‘Tessie’ tote is crafted from brown textured-leather. This faux suede-backed piece has visible stitching to showcase the label’s meticulous craftsmanship. Roomy enough for your tablet and a change of shoes, you can wear it on the shoulder or in the crook of your arm.



Gucci’s coated-canvas wallet is woven with the label’s heritage monogrammed pattern. It opens to an organized interior with 10 card slots, a zipped section for coins and three compartments for bills and receipts.



All my girlfriends and I have one in varying sizes and colors.  We even joke that at some events we need luggage tags as there is a pile of Lambchops in the corner.  Lambchop being the nickname given to it by a seriously funny friend.

But this one is a must….

This ultra lightweight nylon canvas model with slender straps and a snap closure leather flap is one of Longchamp’s most emblematic bags.

The Le Pliage bag is inspired by the Japanese art of origami. Simple yet eminently ingenious, it has become a firm favorite all over the world. The Le Pliage line comes in a multitude of shapes and sizes, in around a dozen colors each season. As light as a feather, Le Pliage folds down into a notebook size and is sturdy enough to be your everyday companion.


These are my 4 must haves for the day – get yours at this site or that one



Hot off the press…

Good day fellow stationary friends,

Here is my list of ultimate must haves for your stunning home office:

Stunning everyday assorted blank greeting cards from Rifle Paper Company. Features four whimsical maps inspired by their world map.

These stunning blank Thank you cards will show your appreciation to whomever is lucky enough to receive it.  These striking floral cards feature “thank you” in elegant gold foil.  For $15.99 you will get a set of 10 (excluding shipment) from Amazon.

Lets get down the the desk hardware that will make your desk the envy of all who enter your halo’d space because glamorous desk accessories are a necessary luxury:

Best Gold fashionable desk top stapler – this trendy rose gold stapler will effortlessly staple 20 sheets together.  This beauty is on sale at Amazon for $ 16.20 (was originally $28.95) so be sure not too miss out on this mod beauty.

What better pen holder than this stunning clear acrylic holder with a rose gold bottom.  This one is 7 x 7 x 10cm and goes for $ 10.49.

This strong mouse pad, designed in California by Elago is produced in aluminum to create a super smooth surface upon which you will effortlessly be able to glide. With this pad you will keep your pointer on the mark at the same time keeping your work space looking crisp, clean and graceful.  The pad is equipped with four protective rubber feet and will easily keep it in place and at the same prevent scratching the surface of your desk.

Complement your desk with this gorgeous Kate Spade Letter Tray which will add inspire you to keep your desk tidy and organized.

This Kate Spade 3 divider file organizer will perfectly complement your stylish desk.

This acrylic, stainless steel shears on scissors, iron on staple remover are the must have basics that will see you dominate your admin duties.

A must have item because important peoples contact information shouldn’t just be kept digital – keep old school hand written records with this 146 occasion and contact book.

Vintage Perpetual Desk Calendar – this set features two large numbers blocks for day an month blocks.  Made from sturdy MDF wood featuring a white finish with gold text and numbers.

The importance of the right chair – such as this beauty from eMod – which has adjustable height, tilt lock/ tension, polished aluminum frame and 360 degree swivel all of which is covered in premium Italian leather.  No more stiff neck with this ergonomic chair.

This rolling stainless steel 3 drawer pedestal comes in a variety of vibrant colors including white, black, navy blue, aqua, yellow, orange and red.  West 18th White File Cabinet with Black casters. White powder-coated steel construction with White steel interior. Casters and cabinet are packed separately but will arrive in a single shipment. Cabinet ships fully assembled; casters simply screw on.

Fill these stunning Kate Spade T/ Light holders with your favorite candle and make you office space smell gorgeous.

These grey marble storage boxes will have your office neat as a pin – hide all your unsightly things in these stylish containers.

This Kardiel 1955 Theory Mid Century Modern Sideboard Credenza in natural ash/ blue is on sale on Amazon for $ 1718.98 – saving you 17% of this unique piece that will be admired by all who visit your office.  Doors operate on metal base rails and drawers on metal glides.  The inherent nature of solid and real wood veneers mean that wood grain and colour may vary. Inconsistencies should be expected and appreciated.

How pretty are these Midori Clips yours for only $ 7.67

I find listening to music or the radio is soothing when I am work.  In fact I am totally incapable of working in silence as it feels hollow and lonely.  This Bang & Olufsen wireless speaker will wirelessly, fill your home with music – in fact it is even multi-room enabled.  Comes complete with a Beoplay App and you can connect via Bluetooth, Apply AirPlay and DLNA.  Fill your office with the right note for $ 599.

This small leather pencil case is the perfect holder for your favorite pen.  It may look small but can effortlessly hold up to 7 pens.  This beauty is equally pretty on your desk or slipped into your bag for a meeting.  Keeping your pens orderly and in once place – I hate having to search everywhere for my favorite pen!

Must make a confession…I am not as good at filing as I should be so this CARL Heavy Duty 2 hole punch will make my admin much easier to handle.  Minimum input and maximum output.

Here are some of my favorite photo frames – seeing photos of your nearest and dearest motivates and keeps me going.

Visitors to your office will be remarkably comfortable in this chair.

Last but certainly not least the desk/ main work surface.  Style evokes an era long past with its industrial style roots and retro design elements; extra thick table top surface and sturdy sawhorse supports.  This hand finished medium saddle brown strain and finished with a protective NC lacquer to accentuate and highlight the grain and uniqueness of the wood.  Handcrafted with solid pine complete with an integrated keyboard tray for easy operation and wide enough to accommodate two large screen flat screen monitors.

Love, Me.

Dream team…

via Daily Prompt: Collaboration

Which collaboration would see you fulfilling your pursuits?  Armed with any alliance you desire what would you be able to achieve?  Such an interesting topic – with such exciting possibilities.  Think about what your dream team would be made up of.

So I am going to indulge and share mine which has ‘moving’ parts.  This is my big dream team algorithm if (when) I make it happen…

It starts with a Drill Sergeant (just kidding…maybe) but she’s one of the most incredibly organized people I know. Sometimes that gets tarnished with a dull luster but what separates her is the decisive ability to make decisions on the fly. Not only that she’s able to accurately and precisely see the impact and effect of those decisions!  All of which is done with a brilliant “let’s get it done” mantra that truly achieves!  She has the ability to make the to do list yours…a truly disarming charm. Before you know it she’s got you subscribed to the Agenda!  She’s incredibly driven and ambitious which – is needed – by a drill sergeant!

My next dream team player is our bubbly bubble maker! Yes truly – she makes the best McC in South Africa!  Her beguiling smile and disarming charm will make the most awkward of social creature feel as if they are home.  Her charm and wit has most people eating out of the palm or her hands within minutes of an introduction.  We always joke that we wouldn’t want to compete with her in a social race.

Our MCC maker recently acquired a stunning farm which is in the process of being developed into a home for her revered bubbly. More updates to follow on this exciting new project and home –  I promise. In amongst the farms gems is an old barn, complete with rustic charm, thick walls, atmosphere and romance.  It has a special magic especially at night when full of people having a jovial time.

craigantlet farm

Armed with these two talented ladies,  one to arrange the special event the other to supply the venue, my role would be the stationary.  Together the three of us – in my collaboration dream are a formidable team.

Watch this space – hope you have thought what your collaboration dream would be?

Love, Me


None…think about its significant meaning in you life.  For me by far its relevance being –  none of this concerns me. Seems to be the way of the world in which we find ourselves today.  Not my problem, none of this concerns me, none of it, nope, no ways, never and none of my business are statements we use daily.  I am by no means attempting to preach here but rather just share sentiment and express an opinion, which are like arseholes and everyone has one!

People have become so closed off to the world.  They live behind high walls, access controlled secure estates with cameras mounted everywhere to protect them from the world. We seem to make decisions based on biased unsubstantiated rumors and half truths. Thriving on negativity, sentiment and speculation.  Life  it seems is about measuring success by the cars you drive, the toys you have acquired as a montage to your accolades and all the pretty things you wrap around your arm.

We look around at the world we live in and some are fortunate to realize the true wealth they are surrounded with through family, friends and unbreakable bonds.  Life has meaning and is rich through a shared sentiment of care, genuine concern and a love of life.

Some are less fortunate and find they are at a loss for substance and meaning because they chose none of it. Life is messy, awkward and experienced through facing up to challenges not hiding behind blinkers thinking ‘none of it is my problem’.  We all no these people they cramp their own style and can swallow a room with negative rhetoric and dramatic statements.  These people don’t allow the mess, the don’t allow themselves the privilege of putting down roots to craft the meaningful life they so deserve.  I feel sorry for people who think the grass is greener over there, somewhere else away from life happening right in front of their eyes!

It’s seems everyone wants bigger, brighter, stronger, prettier, more prestige, more power and stronger influence on all fronts all of the time. But the moment it all becomes too much and it gets tough then suddenly people will have none of it.  People want to eject themselves and escape.  The position being run baby run…I hope that those who choose to run find what they are looking for at the end.

I recently stepped way outside of my comfort zone and decided to protest.  And no I don’t mean I dispatched a one liner on social media.  I mean full on signs and shouting and jeering along one of SA’s busiest highways along with my fellow countryman.  What a remarkably uplifting experience, standing shoulder to shoulder in protest against the looting of the state by the corrupt.  The experience was astonishing,  the feeling was one of liberation (of sorts) from a lot of anger and unhappiness.  This is not an experience you get from reading the news or grumbling to those around you.  I think if I had taken the stance of not my problem I would have deprived myself of a totally enriching experience.

You may ask why?  Quite simply we protested because I don’t want my son to grow up in a country that is looted and pilfered and left with no bright future.  No matter what the future holds in terms of the country, if Adam ever asks, we will be able to say we stood up and shouted against it.  At the same time we are trying to nurture a compassionate, caring and loving human being who will go into the world and prosper.  It is important that he adopt a framework of tackling life’s obstacles and challenges even though his greatest current concern is the whereabouts of his beloved ‘bike’.  By teaching him to tackle life’s quandary’s head on he will learn to problem solve and most importantly to be resilient to all of life’s challenges.  As his parent besides the love and affection we bestow this is one of the most important traits we try and focus on with him.  A person’s ability to center oneself in the face of adversity is the victory.

As you may have surmised by now, I am not a fan of the word ‘none’, its very meaning has very little positive value to me.  What it most certainly does do is separate those who it concerns and those who don’t consider it their problem.  I hope you are the latter! 

Love Jax




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